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How To Draft A Cover Letter For Project Management Jobs

If you are interested in acquiring employment in the project management field then now is a good time, as the demand for this type of job is currently extremely high. However, the competition is also pretty tough out there, so it is vital that you do everything you can to stand out from the rest als...

Which Skills Do You Need For Project Management Jobs?

If you have certain management experience and or have been successful at overseeing company projects, you may have the hands-on experience which is needed to be a project manager. On-the-job experience is actually preferred to any coursework. Companies look for individuals who are able to estimate...

Is There A Difference Between Project Management And Project Sponsorship Jobs?

Although these jobs are centred around the same main idea, there are key distinctions to be made between project sponsorship and project management. Project Sponsorship is concerned with the overall vision of the project in question. Sponsorship identifies and explores what the nature and the inten...

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